~ WordPress White Screen Of Death ~

So you have been hit with the Infamous WSOD (White Screen Of Death)

Well you have come to the right place.  Here I will outline some steps to take to try and resolve the WSOD issue you are experiencing..

In time I will open the section to Comments where Visitors may be able to request Support for their WP WSOD Issue.

Now.. Lets Begin

Plug-In Troubleshooting

    •  Connect to your Site using a FTP Program (FileZilla, CyberDuck, WinSCP, Or many others).


  • Log in to your cPanel Account (domain-name.com/cPanel) and Select the “File Manager” Option located in the “Files” Section
      • Rename the ‘plugins’ folder to something like ‘plugins.old’
      • Test if the Site is now loading a Page. If so you can proceed to narrow down which Plug-In in the cause. First make sure you re-name your Plug-Ins folder back to ‘plugins’
      • To do this you will have to rename each Plug-In individually to see which one is the cause. Personally I find it easier to renamed 2 or 3 at a Time.

Theme Troubleshooting

This occurs usually only after either Updating/Installing a Theme

  • Attempt to log in to your WPAdmin Area. (If you can log in – Change your Current Theme.) Test for correction.
  • If white screen also appears on the WP Admin Side You will have to change the theme manually VIA PH My Admin (in cPanel)
  • Log In to cPanel, Select PHP My Admin from Under the ‘Databases’ Section

PHP My Admin
  • Once Logged In Select Your Data Base (Mine is username_fywp)
  • Select Your Data Base And from the ‘Dropped Menu’ choose ‘Options’


PHP My Admin Options
  • Look for the ‘current_theme’ – This will display your Currently Active Theme.
  • Double click the Current Theme’s ‘option_value’ and Change the text to either one of the following: “Twenty Fourteen”,  ‘Twenty Thirteen”, OR “Twenty Twelve”. You can see an example in the screen shot to the right.


      • Test if the Site is now loading a Themed Page.



You have now ensured You Do Not Have any conflicting Plug-Ins Or Themes.

Clear your Browsers Cache and test your site. If you are still receiving a White Page; Please contact your hosting Provider as there May be a server issue that is effecting your site at this time.

~ If the issue persists after you have spoken with your Hosting Company, Its possible your site may have been hacked. In a case like this it is best to raise a Ticket to your Hosting Company to further investigate any Infected Files. If you have been hacked; you can follow the steps outlined here to help with possible recovery and clean up. ~

Another way to locate errors is to add the following line of code to your wp-config.php file
Insert after the Header Start: <?php


define('WP_DEBUG', true);