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Is your site out dated and/or in need of some updates? Do you have general updates / maintenance you need completed? Then you have come to the right spot.

Below is some detailed information about the services we offer.

(In time I will open the section to comments where visitors may be able to request further support and/or information.)

Website Maintenance is a very important part of hosting your own website. If your content and add-ons are not updated on a regular basis this leaves your site open to vulnerabilities and many sorts of site attacks / exploits.

WordPress can be an amazing powerful site tool when used correctly and, with the right combination of security measures taken, you can ensure your site stays clean and free of malicious code.

Here at Fix Your WordPress we are dedicated to helping your needs!

Our end goal is to get and keep your site up to date so you  don't have to worry about common exploits or threats from a hosting company.

You will find a list of the services we offer below.

Web Site management Services:

  • Plugin / Theme Updates
  • Add-On Updates
  • Server sided updates (VPS/DVPS etc..)
  • CMS Updating
  • 3rd Party Updating
  • Site Monitoring Software
  • Website Tracking
  • Automatic Updates (Available Upon Request)
  • Webmaster Agreement  ^

Feel free to fire us off an email below for a quote. (Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Limited Time Offers)

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Site Management

Maintenance and Updates

Is your site in need of updates? Do you not have the time or know how on how to preform these updates.
Let us help you get the updates you need to ensure you have the latest software and content.

Additional Services

Site Monitoring / Tracking

Looking for some software to detect issues with your site?
How about track down where your visitors are coming from.
Let Our Team help you get the Monitoring you need to ensure issues are reported and corrected when noticed.