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So you have been hacked? I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. Lets go over some things you should do to regain control of your site and ensure your information is again Safe & Secure.


First Things First. Lets get rid of the hacked file(s)

  • First, I recommend Logging directly In to your cPanel for your domain. (Most  ; If not all the following steps should be done from cPanel)
  • Once logged in to cPanel. Open ‘File Manager’ Located in the ‘Files’ Section.
  • Navigate to you Sites Home Directory (Usually ‘public_html’)
  • Look for Multiple Items called Index.php / index.html / index.htm /
  • If you locate an extra Index Re-Name add a .old on the end. Test if the site loads. If the site loads fine without issues you are safe to delete the renamed Index File.

Now That That is taken care of, Lets Continue..

Next, You will want to ensure there is No Infected files on the Account.

  • Most Hosting Companies will offer some sort of Malware Or Virus Scanner built right in to cPanel.  (If you do not have a Virus Scanner in your cPanel You will want to contact your Hosting Provider to run a Virus/Malware ‘maldet’ Scan)

I hear this more often than expected so I’m putting this out there. I mean no Offense by this at ALL! Obviously if I was meaning to be offensive you would not be reading full documentation and Troubleshooting Steps from me.

When your site gets hacked there is no-one to blame but your self. You more than likely ignored the Sites Admin Area and did not update the Installed Theme’s, Plug-In’s or any other WordPress Add-On’s.

If you not using it, Why Have It? Just get rid of it!

Once you have ensured there are no infected files on the Account; You will then want to run a Complete Virus Scan Of Your Own Personal Computer. I highly Recommend Malware Bytes. This will ensure there is No Infected Files on your computer that may have caused information to be shared UN-Willingly.

Now That Thats all taken care of and your Free of any Infections, Virii or Malware. Lets get those Passwords Changed.

  1. cPanel First! Use a Secure password. Generate one if you are unable to make your Own. (Remember: Changing Letters for symbols can greatly strengthen a Password and can help tremendously with dictionary type attacks. A’s for @’s , 1 for L or l, 0 for o or O, $ or 5 for s or S, 3 for e or E etc…)

Nicely Done! You’re doing great! Don’t quit Now!

Next You want to Change your WP-Admin Password(s). To do this Log In to your wp-admin area. (For example: fixyourwordpress.tk/wp-admin)

Once logged in; In the top Right Corner, You will see: “Howdy, Your-Username” If you highlight this you will have a “Edit My Account” Option. Selecting this will allow you to change the  Users Password (This is Only for the user you are logged in with. If you have multiple Admin Accounts you will want to change the password for ALL Admins)

Now that you have that all Locked Down. Lets make sure everything else is Secure and Good to go!


  • While in your WP Admin Area On the far left side Under The Dashboard Option; You will see Updates.
  • Perform ALL Updates!! Even If there is updates for Themes or Plug-Ins You do not use; Update or Remove them Completely. Any Outdated Theme / Plug-In add vulnerability to your site.

Now let’s Ensure the site stays safe..

  • You will want to install some sort of Security Software – I highly Recommend ‘WordFence’. WordFence can be obtained through the WP Admin Dashboard by selecting ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’
  • Once Installed you will want to Activate the Plug-In. There will be a few steps we will go over next.

From the left side of your WP Dashboard, Select your New ‘Wordfence’ Option

Now it’s time to run your First Wordfence Scan. Once you click on the Wordfence Option You will see a Blue Push Button near the top that states “Start A Wordfence Scan”

If you wish, once the scan is Complete; you can look further in to the settings and Tweak the Security of Wordfence to suit your needs. You may want to refer to the Plug-In Documentation if you wish to learn more about its features.


You have now ensured Your Site is Secure and Only you now have access (Unless you have provided others your new credentials).

The steps outlined above should take care of most sites that ‘Are’ OR ‘Have Been’ hacked. I will Outline a Few File Specific Clean Up Steps below. Please continue to read even if you feel your Hacked Site issue has been resolved!

Re-Install WP After Hack